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ATM-art is a Dutch / Danish art team


We are currently involved in a few art projects , all of them challenge artists in the way they think and all of the projects have some kind of charity element. Most of the things we do are based on our social commitment to other people. 

Since we often work as a team, there is a critical response right at the moment we make things, but it also means we grow every day we work. as artist we feel that it is important we express ourself. Our ideas and the things we see around us.

This often will become works that have a critical look at the modern society, This does not mean that we only make critical art, but it does mean that we do try to change things via our art, hence the charity part of our art. For every painter / photoartist it is important that people can see the art they make, and thus it is logic for us to raise money for eye operations. Also it is normal to have a educated audience and the logic responce to that wish is to built schools. However we do also enjoy very much making our art and lots of our work is a celebration of joy and beauty.